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Why a new site about hair tips? Because hair is important for you, it is part of your body, and, as you, needs special treatment accordingly with its needs.
Hind here a how to complete guide for your healthy hair.

Healthy Hair statistics:
  1. A healthy head counts up to 100,000 individual hairs.
  2. 90% of these hairs are growing. The remaining hair is in transitional or resting phase.
  3. Daily, between 80 and 100 old hairs are shed.

What to do for a Healthy Hair? Tips::

  1. Brush your hair before washing it. This way you'll remove any dirt from your hair.
  2. Massage your scalp gently massage will boost your circulation.
  3. Shampoo. Nobody can tell you how often you have to shampoo your hair. When you feel your hair is dirty, wash it gentle, with a shampoo that works on your hair. Read the page about how to choose the right shampoo for more.
  4. Always Moisturize your hair
  5. Rinse Best way to rinse your hair is by using vinegar, if possible apple vinegar. Rinsing helps your hair shine.
  6. Water Try to use mildly cold water. Finish, if possible, with cold water, this will close the cuticles.
  7. Drying your hair Let your hair dry naturally. Squeeze the water, and then use a towel to blot your hair. This way you'll have a moisturized, healthy hair.
  8. Hairbrush Do not use a hairbrush until your hair is dry; the wet hair can be easily damaged. Avoid plastic hairbrushes; hair will probably end up in knots
  9. Season, age, sex, food & drink, tobacco, all have a big influence on hair growth. Have a healthy life and you'll have a healthy hair, too
  10. Hair styling Try to avoid curling irons and hair-dryers to prevent hair damage. Also, avoid heat and prolonged exposure to sunlight
For specific tips, read the Hair Tips pages.

What do we know about Hair?
Hair grows in cycles. For each hair cycle there are three phases
  1. Growth Phase: - When the cells at the scalp start multiply rapidly, a new hair start to growth. Those cells, together with keratin and other proteins form the hair.
  2. Transitional Phase: there is a period of 2-3 weeks after the growth of the hair stops.
  3. Resting Phase: - usually lasts 2-3 months, when the hair follicle rests. At the end of this phase the older hair is shed, and a new cycle begin.

What causes Hair Loss?

Androgenic Alopecia is the most common cause for hair loss. This include heredity, hormone problems and age.
Stress Has been shown that stress play an important part in hair loss, especially in women's hair loss. Women with important jobs are more affected, and stress added by hair loss do nothing then to make the condition even worse.
Age - A common hair loss cause is aging, which is a normal condition.
Medical condition - hair loss can occur due to different medical condition.

Hair Loss: What can be done?
Act from the beginning! The sooner you'll identify the problem, the best it can be treated.
Usually, professional advise is required. You may choose between hair loss cosmetical treatments and hair loss medical treatments.

Healthy Hair Tips: Green Tea

You've probably know about Green Tea therapeutic effects: it contain powerful antioxidants which scavenge free radicals. Clinical studies shown that Green Tea has anti-androgenic effect on the body and inhibit male hormones which are considered to be the cause of androgenic alopecia. Green Tea Extract can be found in shampoos having the role to help hair to regrowth.

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Green Tea Extract 500mg
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